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TC Electronic Nether Octaver

Old school monophonic octaver All-analog circuitry 2 sub-octaves will fatten up any sound True bypass Top-mounted I/O Compact but roadworthy design Highly affordable Runs on 9V batter..


Electro Harmonix #1 Echo

Electro Harmonix #1 Echo digital delay with analog tone - small die-cast construction which produces the finest digital thomann echo available. Full 2 seconds maximum delay time, incl. power supply 96..


Rocktron Reaction Octaver

Maximum Input: 2dBu Maximum Output: 4dBu Imput Impedance: 1MΩ Output Impedance: 1K Current Consumption: 20mA Power Requirements: 9V Alkaline Battery or Rocktron DC OnTap Univeral Po..


MXR M 108 Equalizer

MXR M108 - 10 band EQ, solid metal enclosure, controls for volume and gain. Frequencies: 31Hz, 62.5Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz and 16kHz. 1x input and 1x output, status LED, incl. ..


Boss DD-7 Delay

Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal – 6.4 second delay time, 40 second loop function, modulation-echo with chorus, modelling of the classic DM-2 unit, tap tempo with optional foot pedal or continuous adjust b..