Strings for Lavta

Strings for Lavta
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Galli GR75 string set for oud

GR75 cat. n. note description inch. mm. GR7501 1 & 2 Clear Nylon..

15.00€ 11.00€

Galli GR85 Black Nylon, String Set for Oud

cat. n. note description inch. mm. GR8501 1 & 2 Black Nylon .022 0.60 GR8502 3 & 4 Black Nylon .028 0.71 ..

16.00€ 12.00€

Daddario J95, Oud Strings

J95's are designed specifically for the Oud, requiring a lighter gauge for optimal resonance on these smaller, "bowl-shaped" bodies and unique "plectrum" picking styles.Designed specifically for the O..


La Bella OU80 Oud strings set

The oud is the classical short- necked, bowl-backed fretless lute of the Eastern world. With 11 strings in 5 courses, it is usually tuned d'd'/aa/ee/BB/AA/E or d'd'/aa/ee/BB/Fa#/Do#. ..

20.90€ 18.90€

Kenan Özten Lavta strings

Lavta strings set, handmade from the famous Kanun maker Kenan Özten. Very light for clear, deep sound. An excelend choice for every lavta player. ..