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Shadow SH711

For acoustic instrumentsUniversal applicationSingle transducer for sticking with mounting adhesiveStandard size, 20 mm diameterIncludes fixed cable, length 30 cmOutput 6.3 mm jack with velcro fastener..


Kanonaki Bag no.2

Soft carring bag for Κanun, lined 20mm, durable stitching, waterproof Poly Nylon material, backpack straps, external storage pockets, quality zipers,combination lock. ..


String Nylon(Dupont) set for kanun by Kenan Ozten

Nylon (Dupont) kanun string set made by Kenan Ozten, the world's leading kanun manufacturer. Very good quality, good tuning tension, quality sound. ..

82.00€ 58.00€

Galli KN66,kanun strings

Kanun strings set by the Italian company Galli, a company with decades of presence in the strings for traditional instruments. Nylon (dupont) strings with brilliant sound and very good tuning. ..

90.00€ 64.00€

Nylon(Dupont) string set for kanun, standard set

Nylon (Dupont) string set made by Saadettin Sandi. Good quality, low price.Standard set ..


Barcus Berry - DISQOS

Piezoelectric transducer for picked and bowed strings and percussion (lyras, lutes, Kanun, percussion). Excellent sound quality with reduced feedback. Very easy installation. Double-sided adhesive foa..


Kanun bag no.3

Gig bag for Kanun with 30mm foam padding. Excellent impact protection, durable and waterproof seam, backpack straps, reinforced zippers. With additional outer pocket for sheet music and accessories. B..


Kanun bag

Wooden kanun case, high strength and protection. External leatherette lining, carrying handle made of durable plastic, reinforced safety clips and lock combination...

139.00€ 99.00€

Kanun PVF strings, Kenan Ozten

Kanun string set of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) made by Kenan Ozten, the world's leading kanun manufacturer. Excellent quality, perfect tuning tension, great sound. ..


Strings for kanun PVF premium

Kanun string set made by polyvinyl fluoride (PVF). Outstanding quality strings with brilliant and quality sound. This set uses leading instrument maker like Ibrahim Avci and Omer Akpinar for their ins..