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Oud 1/2 sort scale

A short scale oud (48cm), suitable for children or for travel instrument. Good contraction, with good sound and great playability. Walnut and rosewood body, Spruce top, Ebony keys. Body width 3..


Oud 3/4

Oud with short  scale of 55.5cm. Suitable for children or small body players. Very good construction, with good sound and great playability. Body made of walnut and ash, hard wood pegs. Comes wit..


Oud no.1

A handmade economy Oud, with very good playability, good sound and construction. Sound board: Spruce, Neck: Spruce, Fingerboard: Palisader, Body from Mahogany-Walnut, Finish: Varnish, Tuning Peg:..


Oud no.2

Handmade Oud, with very easy playability, clear and clean sound and good construction. Mahogany and walnut back, Spruce on top, palisander fretboard, Rosewood tuning pegs. With integrated piezoelectri..

305.00€ 249.00€

Oud no.3

Handmade Oud, with very good construction and rich, balanced sound. Toned in the low frequency range, with good balance between nylon and metallic strings .  Walnut back, Spruce top, wenge finger..

429.00€ 359.00€

Oud model 57

Handmade Oud, with 57cm scale. With a smaller scale and smaller body dimensions, it is ideal for small players as well as for anyone who wants a particularly easy-to-use instrument with space-saving i..


Oud no.4

High quality handmade Oud made in Izmir. Body of mahogany and walnut. Top of premium European spruce. Ebony fingerboard ang tuning pegs. Excellent playability, enhanced low and balanced high frequenci..

770.00€ 640.00€

Oud no.5

A great quality handmade Oud from luthiers Saadettin and Bahadir Sandi. Body is composed of Mahogany and Walnut. Soundboard is good quality European spruce. Fingerboard and pegs are ebony. All woods w..


Oud no.6 Ramazan Calay

Handmade oud from the leading Turkish manufacturer Ramazan Calay. The instruments of Ramazan Calay are famous for its rich, harmonious and quality sound, the balance between the different string mater..