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Kanun accesories

Key for Kanun from very good quality ebony ..
1.60€ Ex Tax:1.60€
Picks for Kanun from ABS (pair) ..
4.00€ Ex Tax:4.00€
 Thimbles for kanun ..
4.00€ Ex Tax:4.00€
Picks and thimbles set for Kanun - accesories Kanun..
8.00€ Ex Tax:8.00€
Tuning key PL1 for Kanun - accesories Kanun..
12.00€ 9.00€ Ex Tax:9.00€
Set of bone picks for kanun ..
20.00€ 14.00€ Ex Tax:14.00€
Tunning key ΚΟΒΕ for Kanun..
14.00€ Ex Tax:14.00€
For acoustic instrumentsUniversal applicationSingle transducer for sticking with mounting adhesiveStandard size, 20 mm diameterIncludes fixed cable, length 30 cmOutput 6.3 mm jack with velcro fasteners..
32.00€ Ex Tax:32.00€
Soft carring bag for Κanun, lined 20mm, durable stitching, waterproof Poly Nylon material, backpack straps, external storage pockets, quality zipers,combination lock. ..
49.00€ Ex Tax:49.00€
Nylon (Dupont) string set made by Saadettin Sandi. Good quality, low price.Standard set ..
69.00€ 49.00€ Ex Tax:49.00€
Nylon (Dupont) kanun string set made by Kenan Ozten, the world's leading kanun manufacturer. Very good quality, good tuning tension, quality sound. ..
82.00€ 58.00€ Ex Tax:58.00€
Gig bag for Kanun with 30mm foam padding. Excellent impact protection, durable and waterproof seam, backpack straps, reinforced zippers. With additional outer pocket for sheet music and accessories. Black color ..
78.00€ Ex Tax:78.00€
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