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Classical Kemence

Clasic kemence DM-1 standard
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Handmade clasic kemence with walnut body, cypress top, ebony pegs. Larsen Crown strings (1st), Thomastic Prezision cello 1/4 (2nd), Pirastro chromcore violin (3rd)...
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Classic Kemence Sandi Juniper
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A handcrafted classic Kemence, with solid Juniper body,  soundboard from specially selected Cedar, Ebony tail piece and fingerboard, Boubinga Pegs. The bow is from rosewood. Wittner fine tuners...
499.00€ 650.00€
Lyra of Istanbul made by master Reşat Uca and his partner Kadir Erkoç. An instrument with excellent acoustics and construction. Walnut body and pegs, Cypress top. It pairs perfectly with cello strings (Larsen, thomastic, etc.) and supports standard tuning (A,F,A) as well as the finer tunings of..
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