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Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria

Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria
Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria
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Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria
Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria
Modal music & Maqam Taskou Victoria
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This book presents a collection of 166 musical pieces from the Eastern Mediterranean modal tradition, compositions of both known and unknown authorship created between the 14th and 21st century.

They are sourced mostly from the islands of the east Aegean, from Asia Minor, Thrace and Crete and the early rembetiko tradition, from Smyrna and Constantinople’s music schools as well as from Ottoman secular music, Sufi devotional songs (Ilahi and Nefes), even music being produced today. It's a repertoire already shared by artists exploring these historical musical heritages and contemporary composers working within them. Though intended primarily for oud, qanun, ney, violin, and Constantinople lyra and lute players, this book is a useful study, interpretation and teaching tool for all musicians.

Music scores range in difficulty from beginner to advanced level. Contemporary pieces are presented with the permission of their composers, in original form or with modifications made by the author for this edition. Turkish musical scores of unknown origin are labelled meçhul as such

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