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Roza Eskenazi Pre-War Rembetiko & Traditional Songs

 Roza Eskenazi Pre-War Rembetiko & Traditional Songs
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Roza Eskenazi Pre-War Rembetiko & Traditional Songs
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Roza Eskenazi was a great Rebetiko singer who maintained a rich and long standing career that was accompanied by a rich discography that included, apart from many rebetiko songs, a large number of songs deriving from Greek tradition.

This publication is a critical account, which includes forty (40) different scores: twenty (20) come straight from her rebetiko repertoire of the pre-war period (1931-1937) with the rest deriving from her traditional songs repertoire, divided in two sets of ten (10) scores each, covering her pre-war (1933-1938) and post-war (1954-1955) periods. Each song is accompanied by a second score that includes all the variations that Eskenazi introduced.

The results that emerge from these transcriptions offer information about the quality of her voice, her technique and interpretation skills and her artistic evolution during those 25 years that are covered in this research

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