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Music Notes
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Music notes, Α4, 40 pages..
Music for Kanun - Manolis Karpathios
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The new version of Manolis Karpathios entitled "Music for Kanun" contains traditional songs, modern and classical compositions, with finger notation for kanun. The compotisions are highlighted in Byzantine notation...
method for Kanun in Byzantin notation..
Collection of 17 traditional songs from Pontos I Panajia Soumela Aited's eparapetanen Serada mila kokkina To Tsampasin I Lemona Imera m' Enan astren exeben Soumpoula m' I Trujon..
Pre-war Rempetiko (Vamvakaris,Delias,Mpatis) - Euaggelos Petriniotis
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A study for the well-known Pre-war Rempetiko of Piraeus composers Markos Vamvakaris, Anestis Delias and George Batis..
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Kanun - Konstantinos Papaioannou
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A study of the evolution of the instrument  through a historical bibliographic approach.Is the Kanun Greek or Turkish? What is its relation to the "Pythagorean canon"? Is this the Byzantine "psaltirion"? What do bibliography say about its presence in Ancient Greece, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empi..
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Bağlama Metodu 1 - Barış Eryılmaz
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Saz method from Barış Eryılmaz..
Darbuka Method is a full course by darbuka extraordinaire that includes a book and instructional videos that go with all the material in the book.Split Hand is a new style from Turkey that gives you beautiful sounds, speed and dexterity like never before.After training with Bünyamin Olgunc..
Bağlama İçin Akor Şemaları - Ziya Bulgurcu
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Chords for baglama by Ziya Bulgurcu. Language Turkish / English..
Oud method from Sevgican Gungor. ..
Saz method  from Zeynel Sönmez ..
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