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Kanun - Konstantinos Papaioannou

Kanun - Konstantinos Papaioannou
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Kanun - Konstantinos Papaioannou
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  • Model: Κανονάκι - Κ. Παπαϊωάννου
  • MPN: Κανονάκι - Κ. Παπαϊωάννου

A study of the evolution of the instrument  through a historical bibliographic approach.

Is the Kanun Greek or Turkish? What is its relation to the "Pythagorean canon"? Is this the Byzantine "psaltirion"?
What do bibliography say about its presence in Ancient Greece, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, Europe, the Arab world, Persia and India?

These and many other questions come from this particular study on Kanun, gathering information from Greek, Turkish and international musicological research, offering for the first time such a wealth of information and sources on the subject of the instrument's evolution, and its presence in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Language: Greek

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